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“Dr. Workman and her entire staff are so incredible! After meeting with three other orthodontists, my daughter and I both agreed Dr. Workman would be the absolute best. Not only is she professional and detailed, but she fully understands the importance of aesthetics and facial features. I was so impressed that I decided to have Invisalign treatment, as well. Her office is state of the art and beautiful.”

— Laura C.

“I don’t know where to even begin in writing! I am terrified of the dentist, orthodontist, anything teeth related! I have never had a good experience with any of them so this is a big deal in writing a review! I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Workman over a year ago in which we discussed her dreams of having her own practice. We briefly discussed my teeth and how she could help me improve my smile; at that time I said, when you open your doors I would love to come see you in your very own practice. I kept my word and last week I had my first consultation with Dr. Workman. Upon entering I was super nervous. Her staff was so inviting, I believe her name is Jackie she was bubbly and fun, followed by Shari who’s equally as fun, efficient, and we got right into business. I immediately asked for a tour because I have never been in an office that was so full of natural light; I almost thought that was rude to ask, but the ladies gave me a tour where I was greeted by Dr. Workman. I pointed out subtle details in the office and felt comfortable in the space immediately.... I can go on and on but let’s get to the good stuff! My consultation was so cool; I have never seen such cool tools in a dental office. She had these cool images of my crooked smile and proceeded to tell me how she could give me the smile I dreamed of ... let’s just say the sun, moon, and stars were aligned; she had an opening the day of my consultation; with my crazy schedule, it worked!!! I’m so excited for my follow-up appointments and the process of my new smile! So far, follow-ups with her office and she herself have been comforting. I’m so excited to watch this business grow!”

— Anne J.

“Dr. Workman is very professional and bright. She provides patient-centered care, with an efficient and friendly staff who always has your best interest in mind. She always takes the time to ensure I understand and agree with the plan. Wait times are virtually nonexistent. Her office is beautiful, with very updated equipment, providing a comfortable environment. Could not have asked for a more considerate, smart, and knowledgeable orthodontist!”

—Hilda D.

“Dr. Workman treated me my second go-around at braces. I was a naughty teen who didn’t wear her retainer and my teeth went back to their original position, maybe even worse. At 26, I was scared and hesitant to go through ortho again ... could I really do this at my age, and could I be compliant and wear my bands and retainers this time around?

“All I can say is the woman is a sweetheart and she knows her stuff. She explained to me WHY it’s so important to have straight teeth. She not only explains, but SHOWS you, so you understand.

“Her and her staff are remarkable. From Dr. Workman herself, to the assistants, to the girls up front, they all show that they love what they do and they enjoy their patients. I would highly recommend this office to any and everyone I know.

“Oh and as for the braces ... I didn’t even have to get the metal brackets I was horrified to get ... again. She has the option of clear brackets, if you’re feeling a little more self-conscious about the experience.”

— Tiffany R.

“Dr. Workman is wonderful. She is so diligent, honest, truly knowledgeable, and good at what she does. I would recommend her to even the difficult-to-please. She is hands down the best! I wish she practiced regular dentistry too; she would have a patient for life.”

— Eva L.

“I could write an essay on how wonderful Dr. Workman is at doing her job, but this review will have to do. She is the best at what she does. Without going into all the painful details of our treatment plan, I want to express how knowledgeable, precise, and excellent she is at being an orthodontist. She was the third orthodontist we had seen for the same problem, but the first to get the issued fixed. She treated my child as an individual with his own unique set of teeth. We didn’t feel like a part of a cattle herd. If you have been to some other ortho places, you know what I am talking about. Individualized treatment and precision. I think she might be a perfectionist and though I wouldn’t  want a perfectionist judging me on my cleaning skills, when it comes to my kid’s teeth that’s what I want, a perfectionist. Even my child’s dentist was impressed by her work and course of treatment. She has a fairly new, beautiful office, warm welcoming ambiance, games for the kids, TVs, and impressive cool new ortho tech machines. But at the end of day, she is just great at what she does. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Workman for any orthodontics work.”

—Eva L., with a photo of Dr. Workman and her son 

“We had been with the same orthodontist for years. Then one day we happened to make an appointment on one of Dr. Workman’s days. That is all it took. From that day forward my daughter asked that we make every appointment on Dr. Workman’s rotation.

“You see, my daughter has had braces for over six years and had significant oral surgery. She is a tough case, and her appointments were often painful. Not with Dr. Workman. Her confidence, knowledge, and skillfully gentle hands were something we had never experienced.

“Finally, my daughter not only did not have pain at her appointments, but she looked forward to going. To top it all off, our other three children adore her. She made the office comfortable and fun, even for the little ones. Thank you, Dr. Workman, we will be your first new patients in your practice!”

— Michela G.

“I had an extremely bad experience with previous orthodontists, which resulted in numerous corrective surgeries and further work to be done as an ‘older’ patient in my mid-20s. In a panic, I switched over to Dr. Workman’s care, as I had lost all trust in my previous doctors and wanted a second opinion before committing to surgery.

“Dr. Workman spent so much time working with me and working around obstacles I threw at her along the way. It did not stop Dr. Workman from coming up with a treatment plan for me, and she executed it perfectly as planned. In a stressful situation, she put my mind at ease and I finally felt the trust that you should feel with your orthodontist.

“Finally, all of my dental ‘issues’ have been taken care of and I could NOT be happier with Dr. Workman’s dedication to me, as well as each and every one of her patients. She truly is a wonderful orthodontist and is passionate about her work. Thank you, Dr. Workman, I am smiling once again!”

— Courtney B.

​“Dr. Workman provided fabulous orthodontic treatment for my daughter. Her case was quite difficult, and Dr. Workman explained each step of her treatment very well and with such care. The finished results are so wonderful and I love to see my daughter’s beautiful smile.”

— Jackie B.

“Dr. Lily Workman has been our family orthodontist for several years. Dr. Workman had been treating me since 2009 for dental care that required surgery, but she took care of it all without the need of any surgical intervention. She is very professional, kind, and very understanding, and she always worked with my financial and scheduling needs.

“She is very flexible and accessible; whenever I had a question in regards to my dental care, she was always there to help me. Dr. Workman did an excellent job taking care of teeth and I am very happy with my treatment. I have recommended her to several of my friends and family members, who also enjoyed her professionalism.

“I am now done with my treatment, but I am definitely looking forward to her taking care of my child’s dental needs. I will continue to recommend her to anyone. I love her, she is the best!”

— Annabelle V.

“Dr. Lily Workman is very personable, and her skills and expertise are exceptional. She is also very attentive, always taking time to explain dental procedures. That is a big plus for young patients and their parents. Because of this, my son’s experience with Dr. Workman was always stress-free. We appreciate Dr. Workman’s professionalism and recommend her with great enthusiasm.”

— Claudia M. 

“I would like to tell everybody how happy I am that I found Dr. Workman. I have been suffering with a worsening bite problem for years. I grind 24/7. This has caused severe TMJ, malocclusion and horrible headaches. I have been looking for a solution for years. I went to one doctor after the next without success. Dr. Workman is patient and gentle. She has worked with me to find a solution for my problem. Yeah!!! My teeth are moving in the right direction. My smile already looks better, but best of all, my pain is almost gone. Thank you, Dr. Workman.”

— Lindy O'L., MD, occupational health services

“I was fortunate to have Dr. Workman provide treatment for both of my sons. Technically, she is a perfectionist, a great quality for an orthodontist. She was always able to answer my many questions about the process. You could tell the whole staff enjoyed working with her. My sons especially like that she got to know them and personally understood the challenges of orthodontics and trumpet playing.”

— Jessica A.

“We had been told by an orthodontist that our son would have to have an impacted permanent canine tooth extracted before orthodontic treatment could begin. He would then have had to wear an appliance with a false tooth in it to make his smile look normal. We were told that no other treatment plan was possible. It was very discouraging.

“Before beginning treatment, however, we got a second opinion from Dr. Lily Workman. She was so pleasant and positive at our initial consultation, and gave us hope that we could save the tooth. We chose her as our son’s orthodontist, and I’m so glad we did!

“Dr. Workman is very knowledgeable and skilled, and puts her patients at ease. She keeps parents and patients informed and is enthusiastic as about patient progress as the patients are themselves. My son’s tooth has been saved and that will have a positive effect on his life forever. Thank you, Dr. Workman!”

— Kristina S.

“I’m always welcomed right in. It’s such an easy sign-in and the time is right on time. I love my dentist, Dr. Workman!”

— Lovin C.

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